Fun Formats

Post-pandemic, beauty needs have shifted to a place where consumers are looking for experiences that bring fun and joy back into their lives. Nostalgia resonates strongly in this category as it brings that fun, as well as comfort and escapism from overstimulation, crises and responsibilities in a simplistic way. New textures and sensory experiences play a key role in today’s decision-making. Take a look at our new and innovative fun formats pillar for inspiration!

Prototype formulations

Two Phase Turnover Treatment

A fun visual transformation, this formula contains the marine-derived, 97.5% natural Spirulina Extract, and both chemical exfoliants lactic acid & glycolic acid, to smooth the skin surface for a more revitalized look. A healthy skin barrier is the base defense to preventing damage caused by pollution. By removing dead skin which prevents a healthy skin barrier, the skin’s natural fighting abilities are strengthened. Finally, by including L22, a blend of oils naturally found on the skin, and Algae oil; we reintroduce moisture and restructure the skin barrier for a truly transformative result. Synergistic beauty at its finest.

Overnight Slug Balm

A balm that spreads and covers more easily and evenly than vaseline-based products but traps moisture and prevents TEWL as well. Additionally, it boosts regenerative hydration and locks in any actives applied in previous steps of the skincare routine. Additionally, it can be used for dry trouble areas, hello elbow! ​

Featured Ingredients:

  • Cetiol Softfeel​
  • Floraesters 20​
  • Biochemica Avocado Butter​

Exfoliating Coconut Jelly Cubes

A play on edible beauty, this is a recipe combining inspiration from at-home food kits, fun and interesting textures, the boom of boba teas, and international influences. ​

A bouncy body cleanser that glides over skin to gently exfoliate and cleanse. The naturally derived ingredients of this formula allow for the unique texture which holds it’s shape when introduced to water. ​

Rubbing in circular motion delivers a small foaming activity and stimulating effect without the rough feeling of other large particle exfoliators. Upon rinse off a clean softened feel is left to the skin.

Whipped Butter Soap

Do not eat! This fun, fruity, speckled spread has a whipped butter consistency for an airy creamy texture that delivers luxurious guilt-free​ cleaning. Rinse off clean, no film. 

Highlighted Ingredients:

  • Cloisonne Orange 363C​ & Reflecks Dimensions Metallic Orange GO90D
  • Biochemica Orange Butter​
  • Beaute by Roquette ST 118​
  • Dehyton SFA​

Cookies ‘n Cream Hair Repair Mask

Looks like ice cream but is indeed a thick leave-in cream conditioner and scalp treatment. Provides nice slip, while still absorbing quickly to repair split ends and soften and condition hair. Leaves a smooth shiny finish to hair surface.

Highlight ingredients:

  • Polycare split
  • Hair Oleo
  • Polycare Plus Rice C 

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