Beraclay Red can be used pure or in formulations as an active ingredient. Beraclay Red is suitable for various personal care applications such as skin, face, or hair care products.

Clay is a natural mineral composed of extremely fine particles of silicates and several trace elements. The clays may exhibit different types and concentrations of metals such as titanium, magnesium, copper, zinc, aluminum, calcium, potassium, nickel, manganese, lithium, sodium, and iron.

Clays are derived from sedimentary rocks (feldspar) that have undergone the process of erosion and exposure to climate processes for thousands of years. During this process, these fragments of rock break off and absorb characteristic metals and components of the land. The fragments can also be weathered by water from nearby

Clays have been used for aesthetic purposes for centuries, and their expressive properties make it a raw material ideal for cosmetic products for skin care, hair, and scalp. Many properties of clay have been highlighted by the cosmetic market in recent years, such as their water and oil absorption properties and firming effects. rivers and organic compounds in each micro-region, thus forming the mineral product that is known as clay.

Features & Benefits of Beraclay Red

  • Natural colors, free of pigments and dyes. Stable under artificial or solar light

  • Promotes sensory improvement of formulations, giving quick drying and reduction of oily touch

  • Promotes ionic balance of skin

  •  Removal of impurities, oil, and dead cells;

  • Removal of oiliness of hair, skin, and scalp

  • Detoxifying and antipollution action for hair and skin

  • Firming effect


  • Hair Care
    • Shampoos, conditioners, masks, combing creams, gels, ointments, finishers, etc.
  • Body and Facial Products for all skin types 
    • Emulsions, gels, ointments, tonics, liquid and bar soaps, shower gel
  • Solar and Post-Sun filters
  • Natural and Organic products
  • Professional products for massages, lymphatic drainage, and exfoliators
  • Anti-aging 

Beraclay Red


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Beraclay Red: Kaolin

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