BERAMINERAL DEO has a 100% mineral origin. Its main component is the silicon dioxide, besides aluminum oxide and ferric oxide –which provides, among other properties, water absorption. It has a light green color and maximal granulometric distribution of 20 μm. Due to its natural origin, its use does not cause irritations nor sensitization.After being extracted, homogenized,and dried under sunlight, BERAMINERAL DEO is milled and micronized, and finally it is decontaminated by heating, what assures its ideal body care properties.

This process is carried out using methods that guarantee good practices in each phase, as well as a corporate social responsibility –by the management of both social and environmental risks with a continuous improvement approach.


• Promotes improvements in the sensorial of formulations, adding fast drying and oily touch reduction;

• Shows a booster action in both deodorant and antiperspirant systems, increasing these formulations efficacy.


Due to its properties of transpiration and bad odor reduction, BERAMINERAL DEO is indicated for the cosmetic use in:

• Body, feet and hands products (emulsions in general, gels, pomades, tonics, liquid and bar soaps, etc);

• Antiperspirant and/or deodorant products, bad odor and sweat reduction products (roll on, aerosols, talcs, sticks, bars, sprays, emulsions in general, gels, etc);

• Natural and organic products.

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