Microzest 50 Rhassoul is a Moroccan lava clay dried, crushed, sieved and sterilized.  Rhassoul clay is part of the Hammam rituals, it comes from the middle-atlas in the center of Morocco. It has been used a lot by the Maghrebians for centuries to clean their skin and hair. “Rhassoul” name comes from Arabic which means “which washes”.  Rhassoul is a natural clay used for skin and hair care. Thanks to its absorbent assets, it deeply eliminates sebum and impurities. Contrary to soap, Rhassoul cleans without surfactant by absorbing grease and impurities.

• SKINCARE : Absorbs sebum and impurities – ideal for masks, shower gel, soaps, lotion

• CLEANING AGENT : Purifying softly – Ideal for dry cleanser

• HAIRCARE : Absorbs impurities – Ideal for dry shampoo, hair mask


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