C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate has been available in the market and used in cosmetic products for over 100 years. During that time, market products have all been produced using synthetic alcohols and benzoic acid. Hallstar Beauty has produced a natural version of the ingredient, conforming to the ISO 16128 Natural Standard. HallStar® C1215 Alkyl Benzoate Natural is a unique emollient ester derived from benzoic acid and natural mid-chain alcohols. It is engineered to meet the same performance expectations as the market’s synthetic versions while increasing products’ natural index, especially sunscreens with organic filters. Because it retains the same INCI designation and CAS Number, this new ingredient can accelerate brands’ product development requirements, saving time and costs.

Oil Absorption

HallStar® C1215 Alkyl Benzoate Natural oil absorption properties of common antiperspirant actives were shown to be comparable to competitive synthetic products.

Pigment Wetting for Coated Zinc Oxide

HallStar® C1215 Alkyl Benzoate Natural exhibits equivalent pigment-wetting properties to competitor materials. All three premixes show virtually identical viscosities across different shear rates, which also indicates similar flow properties.



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