Castaline® is an extract of organic certified leaves of the chestnut tree. This multifunctional mild solution helps calm atopic prone skin and contributes to its visual improvement. It helps to support the skin’s natural physical, microbial and immune barriers in a three-defense-step action that has been demonstrated on a new, innovative 3D epidermis model, mimicking mild to moderate atopic prone skin. Castaline® helps to restore the skin’s barrier function for a healthier looking and more comfortable skin.

Extract of organic certified leaves of chestnut tree (Castanea sativa) rich in flavonoids, specifically in Astragalin and Miquelianin. Hand harvested in the French Ardèche and Cher area. Strengthens the physical, immune and microbial skin barrier and improves the condition of skin prone to atopic dermatitis.

Features & Benefits of Castaline®

  • Barrier Function
  • Comfort
  • Hydration
  • Inflammation Reduction 
  • COSMOS approved
  • Vegan
  • 100% natural (ISO 16128-2)
  • Preservative-free


  • Body Care
  • Hand Care
  • Face Care



Glycerin Water Castanea Sativa (Chestnut) Leaf Extract

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        Glycerin Water Castanea Sativa (Chestnut) Leaf Extract