CocoaDesign™ S is made with Cargill Sustainable Cocoa Butter supported by Cargill’s Cocoa Promise Sustainability Programs, and sourced entirely through their known, registered partner farmers and farmer organizations in West Africa.

This feel good relaxing cocoa ethyl ester emollient derived from sustainable cocoa butter which is hydraulically pressed and refined. It compliments light texture formulations, can act as a sunscreen solubilizer and good pigment wetting and dispersion stability.

  • Benefits: increased hydration and enhanced skin barrier function, non-comedogenic
  • Texture: Light dry oil, delivering smooth silky feel with good spreadability
  • Form: Liquid with wax precipitate
  • Dose of use: 1-30% *
  • Handling: Bring to 45-50 degrees C and mix for uniformity
  • Easily added to the oil phase during processing

*When using in excess of 15%, it is recommended adding another emollient to the oil phase to prevent crystallization

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