CoSept™ P is an odorless, extra fine, white powder that is non-hygroscopic and generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for use as a preservative in foods. For over 50 years this neutral ester of para-hydroxybenzoic acid has functioned as an excellent fungistatic agent at low concentrations against a wide range of organisms. It is stable and active from pH 3 to 8, and is often used in conjunction with other additives (e.g., EDTA or its salts, Quaternium-15, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben) for synergistic effects. In personal care products, CoSept M and CoSept P have typically been used in combination (0.2% Methylparaben and 0.1% Propylparaben, with levels adjusted to specific circumstances). CoSept P has very limited solubility in water, so pre-solubilization can reduce dissolution time and therefore batching time. The preference for parabens continues due to their 50+ years history of safety and reliability.

CoSept P complies with the following regulations for Propylparaben based on the ICH harmonization: USP/NF, FCC, BP, EP, and JP.

Features & Benefits of CoSept™ P:

  • Fungicidal Agent
  • Product Preservative
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