Dehyquart L 80 T, a highly concentrated productproduced from coconut fatty acid whose liquid consistency makes it easy to process. The favourable application characteristics allow the realization of modern hair care concepts.

DehyquartL 80 T shows the good dermatological compatibility that is characteristic of this class of products. Thus this liquid Esterquat can also be used for the production of leave-on hair care preparations which produce lasting effects on hair such as reduced static charge and improved wet and dry combability. In combination with the modern care additives Lamesoft PW 45 or LamesoftPO 65, cold processable and sprayable mild hair care preparations (leave-on) can be easily produced.Dehyquart L 80 T also exerts a positive influence on the “hair feel”, which is an important criterion for consumer acceptance.

  • active substance: 75 – 79%
  • liquid, pumpable
  • cold processable
  • vegetable raw material base
  • good dermatological compatibility
  • excellent conditioning properties
  • improves the feel
  • application in hair aftertreatment products such as hair rinses, packs, leave-on products, sprayable hair care preparations

Typical application concentrations are 1.5 – 5 %. The most favorable conditioning and stability properties are obtained in a pH range between 3 and 5.

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