Dermalcare® LIA MB, formally known as Mackaderm® LIA MB, displays equivalent performance profile to the amodimethicone-based formulas in shampoos and conditioners. It delivers equivalent hair softness, light weights and fluidity to silicone with less build-up and can be formulated in crystal-clear shampoos up to 2% without adding a solubilizer.

With 100% vegetable origin and COSMOS certification, Dermalcare® LIA MB addresses consumer concerns about sustainability, efficacy contributing to also making the whole sensorial experience more pleasurable. Beyond the application work, a significant process work was conducted in 2018 to improve the process efficiency of Dermalcare® LIA MB and improve its odor profile.

Thanks to new enzymatic catalysis (instead of conventional chemical catalysis), now virtually odorless, more sustainable, thus fit for use in modern hair care applications.

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