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Florabeads Jojoba

jojoba Esters
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Florabeads Jojoba


Florabeads Jojoba are biodegradable, hard, smooth microspheres of jojoba esters.

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Florabeads Jojoba Biodegradable

Florabeads Jojoba provides gentle yet effective exfoliation. This is hard, smooth botanically derived microspheres of jojoba esters. Jojoba esters originate from jojoba, a plant native to the Sonoran Desert, and are well-known for their moisturizing properties. Florabeads Jojoba is the exfoliative of choice in leading facial scrubs, body polishers, and soaps, and are globally approved for cosmetic formulations.

The International Dermal Institute does not recommend using crushed fruit pits, shells or similar damaging materials, making smooth, spherical Florabeads the better choice than these other natural exfoliants. This ingredient contains no microplastics and is not restricted by any microplastics legislation.  This is available in multiple particle size ranges in all standard Cargill colors. Custom colors and sizes are available upon request.

Florabeads Jojoba

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