Floraesters 20 is a noncomedogenic multifunctional botanical emollient that provides a rich emolliency with a melting point slightly above skin temperature.


  • Non-greasy
  • Highly Occlusive
  • High Oxidative Stability
  • Low Color and Odor
  • Oil-Free
  • Non-GMO

Clinical Studies

Floraesters 20 is clinically proven to reduce skin redness, provide
superior skin hydration, restore skin barrier function, and increase
consumer preference.

Create the Ideal Texture

Floraesters offer formulators a wider range of melting points, more elegant textures, and better aesthetic benefits than other natural butters, derivatives and emollients. Floraesters 20 is a member of the Floraesters family, which also includes:

Floraesters 15

Floraesters 30

Floraesters 60

Floraesters 70

Floraesters IPJ

Floraesters 20 may be used individually or blended with other Floraesters to achieve a
desired texture.