Foreseen Shield Nopal, limiting ageing caused by solar rays


Born in the centre of Mexico, that cactus with an original shape characterized by its organization with cladodes (or raquettes) has been introduced in the Old World in the 16th century where it specially grew in the Mediterranean area. Nowadays it is cultivated for its fruits, the Barbary figs and the young edible cladodes (called nopalitos) and their numerous culinary and medicine uses, discovered by Meso- American people since the 16th century. Indeed, nopal would be healing, anti-oxidizing (thanks to the vitamin E it contains), and, according to some studies, it would help to decrease glucose and lipids in blood. It is designed on the Mexican flag since the independence of Mexico.

Marketing claims


Protects DNA cells, anti-oxidizing, limits free radicals, helps to get an even tone, helps to decrease wrinkles, increases the skin defense system, limits ageing, due to UV rays, contributes to decrease melanin spots.

Key points

  • An active plant cell
    • Developed to deliver the highest amount of original active molecules.
  • A high tech natural ingredient
    • Created to preserve and improve the identity and the benefits of a natural product.
  • A global anti-ageing action
    • Fights photo ageing at different key levels
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      Opuntia ficus indica leaf cell extract