Fucowhite is a clinically validated skin whitening ingredient which significantly decreases skin pigmentation. Fucowhite is a unique purified fucoidan-phloroglucinol complex, extracted from the brown algae Ascophyllum nodosum by lixiviation in water. This unique complex of fucoidan with powerful antioxidant polyphenol makes it an effective and versatile ingredient for a whitening application.


Fucoidans have diverse bioactivity. They also inhibit UVB-induced MMP expression and are good inhibitors of the dermal remodeling enzymes called matrix metalloproteases. Polyphloroglucinols are the polyphenols found in brown macroalgae. They are powerful antioxidants, inhibiting a variety of free radicals. In Ascophyllum nodosum, the association fucoidan and phloroglucinols play an important role in the protection from high UV conditions, especially in the intertidal zone. Fucowhite is not just an association of fucoidans with phloroglucinols. These 2 compounds are linked together to form a complex with a strong tyrosinase inhibition activity. FucowhiteTM Whitening the skin Fucowhite

The cosmetic activity of Fucowhite

■ Whitening ranges for face and body

■ Lightening care products

■ Anti-age spots creams and serums.

■ Protective formulations


Marketing benefits

■ A marine skin whitening active ingredient

■ Clinical efficacy on Asian skin after only 28 days

■ Both antioxidant and whitening benefits

■ Preservative-free

■ Organic certify

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