Generol 122 N E10 acts as an auxiliary emulsifier, appearance modifier, and emollient in skin care emulsion products.  Generol 122 N E10 can be a useful shampoo additive because of its pronounced hydrophilic character. Generol 122 N E-10 in many high solid oil-in-water emulsion systems will affect the formulation viscosity, changing the consistency of a firm cream to a pourable lotion with a smooth texture and a glossy sheen.

Generol 122 N E-10 is a polyethylene glycol derivative of phytosterols obtained from soybean oil with an average of 10 moles of ethylene oxide. The high HLB value makes Generol 122 N E-10 a useful o/w emulsifier. Emulsions are prepared at elevated temperatures by incorporating the ethoxylated sterol into the oil phase. Generol 122 N E-10 will lower the viscosity of certain oil-in-water emulsions and change the consistency of a firm cream into that of a lotion. In small amounts, the Generol 122 N E-10 will impart a gloss and gel-like elegance to a dull cream.

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