HallBrite® T-97 is a hydrophobic, microfine, non-nanoparticulate Titanium Dioxide designed for use in the formulation of globally acceptable sunscreens. It utilizes Titanium Dioxide of very small particle size that has been made extremely hydrophobic through surface-treatment with Dimethicone. This nanoparticle-free ingredient may be added at up to 3% in finished sunscreen formulations without objectionable whitening of the skin during “rub-in.”

HallBrite® T-97 is easily added to the oil phase of a formulation. Addition of Hallbrite T-97 when the oil phase is of low viscosity (e.g., when heated and before any rheological aids are added) maximizes dispersion and, consequently, efficacy. Introduction with a homogenizer, colloid mill or other high shear equipment is not always necessary but helps ensure its thorough dispersion. Adequate dispersion is necessary to achieve minimum skin whitening during, and subsequent to, application of the finished sunscreen product.

HallBrite® T-97 typically contributes about 1.5 – 2.0 SPF units per percent utilized in sunscreen formulations and also contributes appreciably to shorter wavelength UVA protection.

Features & Benefits of HallBrite® T-97:

  • Sunscreen Active
  • UVA & UVB Absorber

HallBrite® T-97

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