JAGUAR HP-105 SGI is a high molecular weight hydroxypropyl (0.6 DS) guar. This nonionic thickening agent is effective at low concentrations for transparent formulations and is compatible with cationic surfactants. It has good compatibility with electrolytes and stability over a large range of pH. This product enables the formulation of hydroalcoholic gels offering a unique “fluid” smooth feel. JAGUAR HP-105 SGI allows the formulation of transparent gel products which can be pumped/sprayed. Helps stabilize emulsions.

Syensqo’s proprietary Jaguar line of modified natural polymers are an evolving line of powdered natural derivatives covering functions as diverse as hair conditioning, active delivery, formulation thickening, and skin feel.

Features & Benefits of JAGUAR HP-105 SGI

  • Allows formulating transparent, pumpable/sprayable hydroalcoholic gels
  • Unique “fluid” smooth feel in wet applications i.e. body washes, styling gels
  • Strong synergy with Xanthan Gum
  • Hair Care
    • Increased deposition and substantivity to hair
    • Controlled delivery of water-insoluble substances
    • Exceptional conditioning properties at lower usage levels
    • Excellent wet/dry hair combing and detangling
  • Body Care
    • Reduced skin stiffening caused by surfactants
    • Restored skin’s pH buffering effects are 5 times faster
    • Increased deposition and substantivity to skin
    • Enhancement of foam sensorial attributes


  • Hair Care
    • Shampoo, conditioner, mask, treatments, hair styling, hair colorants
  • Body Cleansing
    • Shower products, hand sanitizer, facial cleansers, feminine hygiene
  • Skin Care
    • Face and neck care, body care, eye care, sun care, hand/nail/foot care, color cosmetics
  • Health & Hygiene
    • Shaving, depilatories, deodorants, oral care, toothpaste, personal lubricant, topical products, air freshener



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