Kinetin is a kind of plant hormone, isolated from young coconut endosperm and young coconut juice, that is classified as a Cytokinin (growth factor). Kinetin delayed or prevented a range of cellular changes associated with in-vitro aging of human skin cells, including alterations in cell morphology, growth rate, size, cytoskeletal organization, macromolecular synthetic activity and accumulation of lipofuscin aging pigments. Furthermore, Kinetin improves the skin’s ability to be a barrier to water loss. In short Cytokinin:

  • Revitalizes skin at the cellular level.
  • DNA protection
  • Cellular and functional hydration
  • Powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger
  • Instant firming and lifting
  • Delays damage that occurs over time.

At 1% usage after 24 weeks panelists saw:

  • 92% improvement in the texture of their skin
  • 80% improved color
  • 75% improved blotchiness
  • 81% improved in fine wrinkles.

There are two versions available a liquid and powder version, with documents for both attached.

The liquid version is a 75% active

The powder version is a 98% active

*Please specify when requesting a sample if you would like the powder or liquid version.


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