Vegetal Cholesterol Extracts provide moisturizing and water retention properties, identical to the functions of the human skin lipids. They are non-irritating and can reduce the irritation of soaps and detergents. Because of their regenerative and moisture retentive properties, they are ideal for a number of applications including, skin & bruise healing, after-sun care, snow and sun chapped skin treatment, muscle creams, insect bite, and anti-irritation products to name a few.
Cholesterol Extracts are Animal-Cruelty-Free and human skin-identical, natural emollients and moisturizers that decrease water evaporation and increase its moisture absorbency.

Individual Products that deliver these benefits:

Muthu-Thulasi Cholesterol Vegetal Cholesterol Extract (VCE) is extracted from Mexican Tepescohuite (Mimosa ternuiflora) inner-bark cells. The source, also known as Mexican Skin-Tree is revered for its skin and hair regenerative properties. The cells contained within the bark contain a cocktail of sterols, the principal sterol being Cholesterol. This cholesterol exists in its natural state and is identical to that found otherwise in animal sources.

Vegetable Lanolin is derived from Biotechnologic Olive Fruit cells. It delivers all the benefits of animal derived lanolin at a slightly higher melting point than its animal-derived counterpart.

Campolan is liquid vegetal lanolin and Biotechnologic vegetal isopropyl esters blend that combine the advantageous properties of both vegetal-derived materials (vegetal lanolin and vegetal cholesterols)

  • superior spreading characteristics
  • greaseless emollience
  • solvents/plasticisers
  • high lanolin content
  • compatible with most fats and waxes used in cosmetics


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