Lipofructyl® MO LS 9305 is 100% Moringa Oleifera seed oil, obtained by cold pressure of the seeds of the exotic tree Moringa oleifera. The Moringa oleifera tree, a tree native to India, considered a “miracle tree” because all its parts are used, especially for their pharmacological and nutritional properties. Moringa seeds are rich in proteins, fatty acids, and oil, and is also known as “Behen oil”, due to its high content in behenic acid. Moringa seed oil is particularly in oleic acid as well.

Skin Benefits: LIPOFRUCTYL® MO LS 9305 improves skin hydration and brightness. Its richness in fatty acids and sterols provides a good nutritive and revitalizing effect on the skin. and improves skin softness. It is recommended for the use in skin care products, especially for dry, stressed or mature skin.

Hair Benefits: LIPOFRUCTYL® MO LS 9305 improves sensorial properties of hair, particularly softness, brightness, and brilliance. It decreases the fly-away effect and improves hair combing.

Overall Benefits and uses:

  • Antioxidant
  • Circulation
  • Reduce Fine Lines &Wrinkles
  • Nutrition
  • Detoxification
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Natural Defenses
  • Healing
  • Metabolism
  • Wellness
  • Beautifying
  • Hair Growth
  • Promotes Energy





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