Splint & Slim Great Bougainvillea: “to remodel skin”

The Great bougainvillea, a tropical climber with paper flowers


Discovered in Brazil and named after the family name of the French explorer and admiral de Bougainville when he made his travel around the world (1766-1769), that climbing plant grows very quickly and spontaneously in South America.
Imported in several tropical areas, it shows a lot of assets to adapt itself to its environment: quite hardy, it grows in the northern hemisphere too and, thanks to its curved thorns, it knows how to develop on several supports, in the sun or in the shadow. First used as an ornamental plant, it is little known for medicinal use, whereas many studies reveal several activities, against bacteria or lipids, anti-oxidant…

Because of skin changes when we gain weight, it is necessary to balance its composition again. To get a skin firmer, finer, looking smoother.


Splint & Slim Great Bougainvillea Benefits:


Helps to get skin firmer, smoother, more supple, more resistant to physical and external aggressions, limits skin sagging and slackening makes drainage easier.


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