Discover the potential of the marine resources

With many years of experience in the development of cosmetic ingredients and also in algae extracts, Lessonia is one of the leaders in marine ingredients for cosmetic use. Located in Brittany, the leading French region in marine cosmetics, Lessonia has taken its inspiration from its environment to develop actives and extracts derived from algae.

All the marine ingredients developed by Lessonia are natural and answer to the ISO 16128 norm for natural and organic cosmetic ingredients.


Please indicate which ingredient you want when requesting samples

  • Microzest 50 Ascophyllum
  • Microzest 50 Fucus
  • Microzest 50 Laminaria
  • Microzest 50 Lithothamnium
  • Microzest 50 Marine Silt
  • Microzest 50 Marine Sediment
  • Microzest 50 Spirulina

microzest 50 marine