South Sea Blue Seaweed Extract is a thickened concentrated extract containing all the active ingredients found in natural seaweed, including various sugars, amino acids, proteins, minerals, and vitamins, which each have their own benefit to the skin. For instance, the polysaccharide amino acid complex which is contained in the seaweed has the effect of a natural moisturizer. The effect is similar to that of a “biological sponge”. The high concentration of natural substances contained in seaweed, help against aging of the skin by rehydrating, tightening and toning. Additionally, it has a very high natural sun protective factor and delays the degeneration of the cells.

Some of the substances deliver specific benefits such as

  • Antibacterial effect to work against acne
  • Eliminating greasy scalps
  • Anti-cellulite and toning
  • Speeds up the granulation and the epithelization to aid in varicose syndrome


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