Mirasoft® SL A60 is an ultra-mild acidic-rich high active sophorolipid produced by fermentation of natural nutrients using a natural yeast. This gentle non-irritating natural-derived co-surfactant (Ino = 1.0 ; ISO 16128) can be used in a wide range of rinse-off and leave-on applications such as facial cleansers, make-up removers, micellar waters, deodorants, scalp treatments. It is particularly well suited for products targeting sensitive skin and sensitive scalp.

Surfactant Properties

  • Cleansing
  • Emulsification
  • Solubilization

Skin/Hair/Scalp Health Benefits

  • Inhibition microorganisms responsible for some skin & scalp disorders
  • Sebum regulation
  • Malodor control

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