NATERNAL™ GUAR GUM P SGI, previously known Jaguar® NAT SGI, is produced from guar grown in farmer villages of Rajasthan, India, which are part of our Sustainable Guar Initiative program. It is an ideal thickener for personal care formulas with top-level sustainability claims. It builds the viscosity of cosmetic formulas whilst providing a smooth and homogeneous flow. Its high synergy with xanthan gum makes the combination ideal to optimize the thickening efficacy and also to deliver suspension properties. This product requires low electrolytes content in isotropic cleansers (< 0.5%).

NATERNAL™ GUAR GUM P SGI is classified as readily biodegradable following the “Beauty Biodeg Score” by Syensqo, a reliable and easy to understand scale measuring the level of biodegradability of beauty care ingredients based on the OECD guidelines.

Features & Benefits of Jaguar® NAT SGI

  • Appealing aesthetics (texture, flow, clarity)
  • Naturalness Index = 1.0 (ISO 16128)
  • COSMOS approved
  • Compatible with EU Ecolabel 2021/1870
  • Readily Biodegradable


  • Sulfate-free cleansers
  • Styling gel
  • Body creams
  • Hair care
  • Body care

Jaguar® NAT SGI









Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba (Guar) Gum

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