NATERNAL™ HP8 COS SGI, previously known as Jaguar® HP-8 COS SGI, is a nonionic polymer derived from the natural guar gum, used as a texturizer and emulsion stabilizer with additional benefits such as hair & skin conditioning. It is compatible with dilute-alcohol solutions containing up to 30% ethanol and with electrolytes and stability over a large range of pH.

It provides consumers with a smooth skin feel and soft hair feel from roots to tips.

NATERNAL™ HP8 COS SGI has a unique green profile with a high natural index of 0.87 and is sustainably sourced from guar farming villages in Rajasthan that are part of the “Sustainable Guar Initiative” program led by Syensqo.

NATERNAL™ HP8 COS SGI is classified as inherently ultimately biodegradable following the “Beauty Biodeg Score”, a reliable and easy to understand scale measuring the level of biodegradability of beauty care ingredients. Indeed, ≥70% of the ingredient can be degraded by microorganisms in the environment over 28 days.

  • Functions: Conditioner, film former, rheology/viscosity modifier, texturizer, thickener.
  • Benefits: Non sticky/on tacky, softness, cold processable.
  • Applications: Hair leave-in: serums & treatments, creams, hair rinse off: masks & conditioners, lotions, hand sanitizers.
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