Rheocare® TTA is a rheological additive that provides thickening, stabilizing &suspending properties in surfactant systems. Rheocare® TTA has the ability to produce very clear formulations containing high levels of surfactants.

  • Anionic acrylic co-polymers
  • Efficient thickener for surfactant based formulations
  • Highly efficient stabilization and suspension of wax dispersions, air bubbles, peeling scrubs, and gel capsules in surfactant based formulations (high yield value)
  • Forms viscous surfactant based formulations over a broad pH range
  • Transparent formulations possible above pH 5.5
  • No Back Acidification necessary
  • Hot and cold processable
  • Quickly and easily dispersable
  • Use at any stage of the process
  • Compatible with anionic, nonionic, and amphoteric surfactants
  • High salt &electrolyte tolerance
  • Enhances the pearlescent effects of Euperlan® PK 4000

Anionic emulsion. Ideal for clear gels. Suspension properties. Hot and cold processable. High salt and electrolyte tolerance.

3-8% use level. Clarity above pH 5.5. High salt and electrolyte tolerance.


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