Neem Oil, Waxes & Extracts is a member of the mahogany family and the neem products we offer are extracted from the bark and leaves. However, this plant has been used for 4,500 years in ancient cultures. The most common historical uses of neem were for treatment of skin diseases, inflammation, and fevers.Noted to have a wider array of uses than any other herb.

Neem leaves contain fiber, carbohydrates and at least ten amino acid proteins. They also contain calcium and other nourishing vitamins and minerals. High in important fatty acids, and contains all of these vital nutrients in significant quantities, making it highly effective for treating skin ailments. Powerful skin rejuvenating qualities and absorbs quickly into the skin.

Demonstrated antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, the leaf extract has shown to cure acute eczema. While it is also helpful for scalp applications to stimulate the scalp. It is a well-known insecticide, so application to the scalp will also effectively kill lice. Lastly, it can be used as a natural, non-toxic insect repellant.

Properties of Neem Oil:

  • Odorless and colorless ester like feel
  • Light and quick penetrating
  • Preservative and solvent free
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Excellent eco toxicity and biodegradability
  • Sustainable

Properties of Neem Wax:

  • Plant part used is cured seeds kernel
  • Nonionic self-emulsifying wax
  • Produces a smooth and elegant oil-in-water emulsion
  • Produces a thick solid emulsion without the addition of stiffening waxes (5%+)
  • Melting point range; 46oC – 53oC
  • Emulsions may be formed ranging from thin mobile liquids to rigid solid
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