Pure Light Chinese peony

  • Key points
    An active plant cell
    Developed to deliver the highest
    amount of original active molecules.
  • A high tech natural ingredient
    Created to preserve and improve the
    identity and the benefits of a natural
  • A general balancing action
    For oily skins and unbalanced skins

The peony is a species so famous in China that many events are organized to celebrate this flower in all the country when it is blooming: exhibitions, meetings, etc. Born in Central and Eastern Asia it is a herbaceous plant that grows slowly in woods and meadows but that has been cultivated in many Chinese areas since the Sui’s dynasty in the 6th century. Those emperors exhibited peonies in their gardens to anybody in the country. The traditional Chinese medicine considers that it has so many properties – its roots – that it is one of the most used medicine plants in China. Imported in Europe at the end of the 18th century, it has become an ornamental plant very popular till nowadays thanks to its many cultivars

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