Radianskin‚Ñ¢ is the dark spot eraser!.It effectively reduces dark spots and skin coloration better than or comparable to certain market standards (Hydroquinone and Kojic Acid).Photoprotective effect that improves cell viability and reduces the release of the inflammatory marker, PGE2.Visible and measurable effect of reducing age spots on both the face and hands comparable with 1% Radianskin vs. 2% kojic acid. Visible and measurable effect of reducing skin coloration on the forearms comparable with 1% Radianskin‚Ñ¢ vs. 2% kojic acid. Effective and safe skin brightener for face and body applications.

Unique inhibitor of melanin release with skin brightening effects:

  • Comparable in vitro to Hydroquinone
  • Comparable in vivo results with 1% Radianskin‚Ñ¢ vs. 2% kojic acid




In-vivo and In-vitro results



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