Smooth Lightening White rose’s action is concentrated on the epidermis, in its upper layers, where the living cells are closest to the external environment and react to stress.  It works through two main benefits, protection and support of natural mechanisms that have deteriorated due to aging and environmental factors.

Smooth Lightening White rose’s protection aspect is targeted to keratinocytes and works in several ways. The first is by reducing the production of free radicals due to pollution (in particular exhaust gases) and heavy metals present in the city air. The second is by improving cellular respiration, including metabolism, thereby increasing the supply of oxygen, which also reduces the creation of free radicals and stimulates the elimination of toxins. And lastly, by reducing the synthesis of inflammatory mediators released by oxidative stress. This raises the skin’s tolerance threshold, thereby reducing the factors causing irritation and redness.

The supporting of natural mechanisms maintain radiance through several actions. First, the Smooth Lightening White rose regulates keratinocyte and melanocyte activity, and thus corrects imbalances caused by aging or which are inherent to skin types.
Secondly, by decreasing the excessive production of melanin,
which creates marks and negatively impacts the uniformity
of the complexion. And lastly by increasing cellular renewal in a balanced way. Produces better cellular cohesion in the upper layers of the epidermis, resulting in better hydration of the epidermis and an improved skin barrier function. This will then reduce the accumulation of dead skin cells on the surface of the epidermis and eliminate surplus melanin more quickly.

  • Revives the complexion’s radiance, making it brighter and more uniform; reduces pigmentation defects.
  • Enhances cellular metabolism, increases the supply of oxygen to cells in the epidermis, stimulates the elimination of toxins.
  • Increases cell regeneration in the epidermis and strengthens the skin barrier.
  • Reduces the creation of free radicals due to pollution.


Smooth Lightening White rose is available in 4 forms:

  • dispersed in glycerin
  • sonicated in glycerin
  • dispersed in sunflower oil
  • powder

*Please indicate the form you desire when requesting a sample.


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