A breath of fresh air for your hair

Innovation is not just about science, but also about improving the way to develop ingredients and offering products to answer a responsible way to consume. BASF initiated the exploration of rambutan trees various cosmetic properties, with the ambition to ensure sustainable use of the resource and generate a positive impact on the supply chain development. Based on the rambutan resource (Nephelium lappaceum), BASF developed three new bioactive. Rambuvital is an extract of rambutan seeds which vitalizes and protects both the scalp and hair follicle against pollution.

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Product Description

An extract of the seeds of sustainably sourced rambutan, Rambuvital revitalizes the hair follicles, moisturizes the scalp and protects from the deleterious impacts of pollution.

In Vivo for Rambuvital

  1. Scalp hydration
  2. Hair deodorant effect
  3. Evaluation of perception of sensorial hair properties
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