Salcare® SC 96 is an cationic acrylic homopolymer dispersed in medicinal grade white oil. Designed for use in a range of applications in the cosmetics industry. It is typically used to enhance the performance of skin and hair care formulations, providing thickening, conditioning, suspending/stabilizing, good spreading, opacifying and moisturizing.

Allows direct addition of thickener at any stage of manufacture.
Requires no pre-mixing or special storage facilities.
Can be added to cold aqueous systems, thickens simply by agitation.
Aids suspension and stabilization of organic and inorganic pigments.
High thickening efficiency, hence low usage levels in many applications
Gives good uniform performance, this reproducibility is unattainable with natural gums.

Cationic liquid dispersion. Provides good conditioning to hair improving the ease of combing and feel on hair. Excellent rub-in characteristics in skin formulas.

Efficient over a wide pH range (3-12). Excellent emolliency.



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