Rheomer SC Plus is a rheology modifier designed for
oil-in-water emulsions. In addition to efficient viscosity
the building, this polymer helps stabilize oil-in-water formulations
and allows the incorporation of electrolytes or electrolyte containing
ingredients, as well as color pigments, titanium
dioxide and other similar particles.

Rheomer SC-Plus
A key benefit of using Rheomer® SC-Plus in oil-in-water
emulsions are the smooth and non-sticky feel it imparts to
the skin after dry down. It meets current formulation trends
for sophisticated, multi-benefit skin and sun care products


  • A hydrophobically-modified alkali-swellable emulsion polymer
    Supplied as a liquid emulsion with an active polymer content of
  • Preservative-free
  • Typical use level: 1-6% as supplied*


  • Oil-in-water emulsions with pigments and/or optical
    modifiers for skin care or color cosmetics
  • Skin care lotions and creams with electrolytes or
    electrolyte-containing active ingredients
  • Sun care formulations with organic and inorganic sunscreen

Key Benefits:

  • Smooth, non-sticky feel after dry down
  • Provides robust stability to oil-in-water emulsions
  • Allows the formulation of stable “emulsifier-free” oil-in-water systems
  • Excellent suspension ability: stabilizes oil-in-water emulsions containing inorganic particles such as titanium dioxide, iron oxides, etc.
  • Stabilizes electrolyte-containing oil-in-water formulations
  • Easy to use liquid
  • Cold-processable

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