Sokalan HP 20 is a unique polymer that is an 80% active ethoxylated polyethyleneimine or PEI + EO. Its excellent performance profile allows the reduction of anionic surfactants in liquid laundry detergent without compromising primary and secondary detergency and maintaining overall performance.Sokalan® HP 20 provides formulators the opportunity to optimize high-concentration formulations for cost/performance benefits and include improved efficacy and stain-fighting claims because:

  • Prevents redeposition of soil during laundering, even at low temperatures, ensuring clean laundry with low energy consumption
  • Prevents graying in clothes and enhances the removal of persistent fruit, grass, and clay stains.
  • Effective on difficult stains especially particulates, and can be used as a stain booster for certain bleachable and particulate soils.
  • Easy to formulate in standard/concentrated liquid laundry detergent formulations and liquid dose packaging
  • Good compatibility with standard surfactants matrix in liquid laundry detergents.
  • Readily formulated, even as a drop-in additive, with no negative effects on stability

Sokalan HP 20 results in 50% reduction in dissolution time at 75% actives and the polymer allow better/even distribution of detergent into cold water, rather than clumping. This allows formulators to increase the actives (decrease the dose size), eliminate costly solvents (PG, glycerol), and add a higher performance polymer that can also contribute to antiredeposition and oxidizable soil removal.

Although Sokalan® HP 20 is specially designed for use in liquid laundry detergents, a project was chartered to develop premium performance LDLs utilizing Sokalan HP 20 as a foam stabilizer &performance booster.

The results were excellent with an increased plate count in Manual Dish formulations, by 2 plates, falling right in between the two premium benchmarks on the market now Dawn Ultra and Palmolive Ultra, with improved performance and less solid content use. Additionally, provides a viscosity reduction benefit which enables the reduction of other viscosity control agents such as EtOH, SXS, octyl sulfate, etc.

Overall cost savings advantages can be presented as increased performance at equal cost, or equal performance at a lower cost.

Furthermore, Sokalan HP 20 can be formulated into clear formulations and contributes to sustainable development by saving energy in the washing process and at the same time extends the life cycle of white cotton and polyester textiles.

The innovative polymer Sokalan® HP 20 offers a broad range of benefits for liquid laundry detergents at low washing temperatures:

  • Excellent stain removal of bleachable and clay stains
  • Surfactant boosting and cleaning advantages
  • Anti-redeposition performance or anti-graying
  • Easy formulation and stabilization effects



Lavergy Pro 104 L Plus Sokalan® HP 20: The Next Level of High-Performance Low-Temperature Washing

Sokalan® HP 20

Sokalan® HP 20

Achieve 70% cleaning improvement with Lavergy PRO L + Sokalan HP20 using this baseformulation, supplemented with 3% Sokalan HP20 + 1% Lavergy PRO L.


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