Most of the products available on the market target clinical signs that are not specific to men’s skin, although these are more pronounced than in women (e.g. wrinkles are deeper, under-eye sagging is more severe), or take a masculine angle to effectiveness (energy, skin nutrition, etc.). A product was needed for the specific biological target for men: Versican. This proteoglycan is key for skin viscoelastic properties that connect dermal microfibrils to hyaluronic acid. With age, versican accumulates and loses its functionality in men’s elastic fibers. This results in slacker skin, including looser cheeks, leading to under-eye bags and a more prominent nasolabial fold.

Speci’Men™ was developed from a native tree to Burkina Faso, the Baobab  Tree, known as the “tree of life”, associated with strength and wisdom. Baobab leaf extract reduces the accumulation of nonperforming versican, which contributes specifically to the health of men’s skin.

After application of Speci’Men™ the skin appears refreshed, skin tonicity is improved, signs of fatigue around the eyes and wrinkles are reduced.

In vitro key actions:

  • 32% inhibition of Versican expression in aged fibroblasts.
  • 56% inhibition MMP-12 activity involved in breakage of the fibrillin-versican-hyaluronan network

In vivo main results:

  • 15% improvement of skin visco-elasticity and tonicity (significantly better than placebo ‚ cutometer)
  • 14% reduction of Nasolabian fold depth (significantly better than placebo ‚ fringe projection)



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