SPECTRAFLEX® Soft Focus Effects pigments are fine and uniquely designed platelets of highly pure alumina coated with titanium dioxide. The sophisticated combination of natural soft focus effect with a strong interference provides a low luster iridescence. These pigments allow formulators to create bi-functional makeup and skin care products combining concealing and skin tone enhancing effects, applicable to all cosmetic products.

SPECTRAFLEX® Illusion diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles and other imperfections with unique light diffusing technology. Its soft skin feel provides excellent sensory enhancement to cosmetic and personal care formulations. Applications for this pigment include primers, face powders, foundation, skin care products, body powders, creams and lotions for hand and body.



Features & Benefits of SPECTRAFLEX® Soft Focus Effects

  • Extremely low heavy metal content exceeding global regulatory requirements
  • Highly translucent and clean skin tone effect
  • Very smooth and soft textured powder providing a gentle feel to any formulation

Available Products

  • SPECTRAFLEX® Focus White (C881001)
  • SPECTRAFLEX® Focus Gold (C881011)
  • SPECTRAFLEX® Focus Red (C881031)
  • SPECTRAFLEX® Focus Violet (C881041)
  • SPECTRAFLEX® Focus Blue (C881051)
  • SPECTRAFLEX® Focus Green (C881061)
  • SPECTRAFLEX® Illusion (C880103)
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