Sqisandryl™ LS 9905 is a plant extract from Schisandra Chinensis fruit that has been discovered to be a collagen XVII and ladinin-1 activator. The properties of Sqisandryl‚Ñ¢ LS 9905 are exclusively focused on the DEJ (dermal-epidermal junction) as opposed to the epidermis and the dermis of most recent products focus on. This extract helps reinforce in vitro the stability of DEJ via stimulation of Collagen-17 and ladinin-1 synthesis. Strengthens the dynamic cohesion between the dermis and the epidermis ex vivo.

Clinically proven at.3% usage to increase in only 8 weeks:

  • skin resilience by 8%
  • elasticity by 28%
  • firmness by 25%


Read the Salon Professional Brochure from BASF



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