Hydrins are mushroom-derived, non-animal replacements for Bovine Serum Albumins (B.S.A) and are designed to be a replacement of non-functional collagen macromolecules in a topical cosmetic formulation as the collagen are of a large structure and do not penetrate the skin. Hydrins I forms the basis of the skin’s acid mantle and Hydrins II forms the basis of moisture barrier of the skin’s corium layer. Both replenish build-up of new collagen formation (conversion of procollagen to collagen), maintenance of collagen, maintenance of the optimal healthy skin conditions and skin-healing. The function of formation/build-up of new collagen 9 as structural links takes place when new Hydrins are formed, resulting in better skin elasticity and increased firmness to the skin. Because they act to provides protective colloidal structural firmness and as a barrier against water loss, they also combat dry flaky skin conditions leaving lasting moisturization and a silky smooth feel.




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      Tricholoma Matsutake Extract (and) Hydrolyzed Collagen (and) Water