SunCROMA® Inorganics (all universal) are a variety of bold colors that are ideal for decorative cosmetic applications. They are compliant with global regulations governing their intended use. They have excellent stability to light, heat, acid/alkali, and solvent.

SunCROMA® include a range of products for creating diverse and inclusive spectrum of skin tone shades.

Pigments Available

  • SunCROMA® Manganese Violet (C43001)
  • SunCROMA® Ultramarine Blue (C431810)
  • SunCROMA® Ultramarine Blue (cleaner, intense, red-shade) (C431873)
  • SunCROMA® Ultramarine Blue (acid resistant) (C43A323)
  • SunCROMA® Ultramarine Pink (C434875)
  • SunCROMA® Ultramarine Violet (C434888)
  • SunCROMA® Chromium Oxide Green (C611245)
  • SunCROMA® Hydrated Chromium Oxide Green (C616735)
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