Reflecks™ MD Midnight Sapphire is a dramatic blackened metallic-like effect pigment based on borosilicate flake. Reflecks™ MD Midnight Sapphire offers a strong chromatic color travel shifting from blue to red based on viewing angle. Based on exclusive multilayer technology, Reflecks™ MD Midnight Sapphire has built-in D&C Black 2, offering a true black background for dynamic color travel effect pigments.

We enter a new era with a deep appreciation for human connection and social engagements. Color cosmetics serves as vehicle for celebration and self-expression.

Introducing the Reflecks™ MD Midnight collection, the newest member of our coveted Reflecks™ MultiDimensions family.

Reflecks™ MD Midnight products offers an intense blackened metallic-like effect, based on borosilicate. These products offer both unique color travel and dazzling sparkle.

Shifts from blue to red

Unique: dramatic effects, built-in D&C Black 2, clean background

Dramatic Sparkle: created with Multilayer technology

Striking color travel: Color changes based on viewing angle

Less skin staining: Versus blending with absorption colorants

Simplified Formulation: Built-in background color

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        Calcium Sodium Borosilicate (and) Titc Dioxide (and) Silica (and) D&C Black 2