WS Biotin™ is a water-soluble, encapsulated d-biotin in a dry powder form, that creates highly concentrated formulations for improved hair, scalp, and skin health without crystallization. Biotin is a common supplement, also known as vitamin B7. It plays a critical role in a handful of metabolic processes in our body. More specifically, it stimulates keratin growth, which is responsible for healthy hair, nails, and skin, it also improves skin’s pigmentation, hydration, smoothness, and appearance. A higher Biotin concentration allows users to experience its core benefits, such as stronger, thicker strands, a healthy scalp, and enhanced skin barrier regulation.

Explore more in this Video highlighting the benefits of the concentrated, encapsulated, water-soluble WS Biotin™:


Biotin occurs as a practically white, crystalline powder with limited solubility in water, alcohol, and other organic solvents. WS Biotin™ increases D-Biotin water solubility from 0.02% to 2.2% and maintains an acidic pH (of 6-7). When formulating with WS Biotin™ there is no need to use any solvents and it is added to the formulation at room temperature. Adding to its ease in formulating, there is no mixing process required as the WS Biotin™ is solubilized spontaneously. A truly potent and practical solution for skincare (serum, creams, gel) products!

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