As a survival instinct, humans tend to prioritize their own needs, and although this was ideal in prehistoric times, we are no longer faced with limited resources that justify such behavior. So what else can bring about a disinterest however intentional to others’ needs. Firstly humans gravitate to members of their own group for this reason a lack of exposure or education can lead to the inadequacy of empathy and accountability towards others’ needs.

As we look at the changing landscape of our society it is wise to ask what the needs are for others outside our group. How can we foster inclusion through having the tough discussions around needs we simply have not considered as they are not our own.

Foam in the Sun – Organic Sunscreen

Cookies & Cream Hair Mask

Daily Mineral Skin Tint

Split-Second Conditioner

We address with these prototypes the intermixing of race through skin and hair applications, but we encourage you to take a look at some of the other taboo topics we’ve discussed to understand more about innovations that help address others’ needs such as the aging population and women to name a few.