Color affects and reflects our emotions more than we tend to think. Playing with color in cosmetic applications gives the consumer a daily blank canvas to create, and affirm, an image that is their own. The colors for the upcoming seasons evoke inclusivity, profound thought, aspiration, and celebration. They include ethereal and earthy tones to feel both grounded and uplifted simultaneously.

As the trends move to combine subtle and bold seamlessly, natural “no make-up” looks with subtle highlights, and bold pops of color are adopted to accentuate features instead of cover-up them up. The traditional mascaras and eyeliners in black are encouraged to be replaced with more awe-inspiring tones and even metallic effects. One of the largest cosmetic producers globally, Chanel, has even launched a No Black Eye Campaign with earthy metal shades in eyeliners, mascara, and an eyeshadow palette truly making beauty in the eye of the beholder.

BASF has interpreted these color trends into two conceptual palettes, Incognito for Fall/Winter 2020/21 urges choices based on free will, and a “no regrets” attitude. While Bliss for Spring/Summer 2021 offers playfulness and euphoria to indulge in “me time.” Take a deeper look into what frames these sentiments and the formulas sure to inspire you.


Incognito addresses the societal questions we face today, as we fully grasp what access to more information and living digitally means to our daily lives. From these contemplations and education comes the clean beauty category, equality activism, and pro-privacy movement.  This is expressed through minimalistic, inclusive color that celebrates diversity and the notion of going underground or being invisible. With that, there are a lot of neutral shades with warm undertones to complement any skin tone, using Gemtone Radiant Nude. The inclusion of edgy and intenser colors juxtapose with the severity of our current state, achieved with both the Flamenco and Cloisonne Pigment Lines. Explore these formulas to get a better feel:

All-Over Balm in Hushed Violet, creating a look with one product and a little shimmer.

Liquid Lip Matte in Montana Grape and Elderberry offer full coverage and discreet sparkle.

Mirror Eyeshadow Mousse in Smoky Jungle Green is lightweight and lasts all day.

Incognito Shades



Bliss reminds us, and more importantly, allows us to be happy, creating and cherishing moments of joy we often overlook in everyday life. Pivoting to a focus on the self;  for me, stress-free, and self-care become the pillars of “growing your garden to feed yourself, and your community”. Colors and effects that are light and bright evoke delight in unexpected ways. Brands can focus on connecting with the individual, through unique sensorial experiences that deliver ease of use, and a sense of indulgence. Spring, like consumers right now, manifest renewal allowing for refreshing colors and playful, rested looks possible with the Gemtone and Reflecks Pigment lines. Here are some formulas to get you springing to innovation!

Bliss Shades

Powder Spray Eyeshadow in Sunset Gold is versatile and vibrant for building coverage that goes with any look, from natural to dramatic.

Peel-Off Eyeliner in Marmalade Margarita brings the feel of summer nights, with dramatic sparkle effects.

Daquirirose Caring Lipstick creates a frosty effect emulating your favorite frozen cocktail.

Jelly Highlighter in Sweet Summer Glow applies like jelly and sets like powder and leaves a healthy glow.