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Ross Organic has all the pigments you would need for your color cosmetic formulations with our extensive pigment portfolio by Sun Chemical?

Sun Chemical develops a wide range of pigments and color materials for various industries including cosmetics. They continuously work to develop sustainable solutions that exceed customer expectations and better the world. The comprehensive color portfolio including classical FDA certified organics, high purity iron oxides, a wide range of inorganic chemistries, certified dyes, easy to use dispersions, and an extensive range of sparkling effect pigments.

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Pigment Overview

Cellini® Series Effect Pigments

Link clean, intense, FDA-approved organic colors with iridescent effect pigments. Cellini colors offer a luminescent look that adds bright colors and dimensionality.

Chione® Series Effect Pigments

These pigments provide a bright clean color to illuminate the skin and help create a flawless, even-toned appearance that is sought out for the ÔÇťcamera-ready lookÔÇŁ.

Chroma-Lite® Series & Bismuth Oxychloride Effect Pigments

Chroma-Lite Colors contain bismuth oxychloride crystals deposited on mica platelets. These high-value composite pigments combine the performance benefits of both materials to give better transparency and less density than bismuth oxychloride alone. They offer an excellent balance of luster, transparency, and color while imparting a silky feel and improving skin adhesion.

Cloisonne® Series Effect Pigments

These pigments impart dramatic color and varied pearlescent effects. They are available in a variety of grades that provide different degrees of luster, ranging from a soft, satiny look to high sparkle. 

Duocrome® Series Effect Pigments

These are lustrous pigments that produce a distinctive two-color look, creating striking effects in many cosmetic and personal care products. They contain titanium dioxide-coated mica particles that are then coated with a thin layer of colored pigment. 

Flamenco® Series Effect Pigments

These chic, highly chromatic pigments are delicately soft and silky; perfect for todayÔÇÖs illuminating, sophisticated styles. The Flamenco product line of pearlescent and iridescent effect pigments are used to create lustrous or opalescent effects.

Gemtone® Series Effect Pigments

These pigments offer a wide range of jewel-like, lustrous colors for distinctive cosmetics and personal care products. These rich colorants derive color from both light interference and light absorption. They contain titanium dioxide coated mica.

INTENZA® Effect Pigments

A line of FDA certified organic colorants and effect pigments for use in cosmetic applications. Experience maximum creative flexibility without the complexities associated with processing organic pigments.

Mearlmica® Series Effect Pigments

Mearlmica specialty mineral products help provide balance and consistency to cosmetic formulations while remaining optically neutral.

ReflecksÔäó MultiDimensions  and MultiReflections Effect Pigments

These pigments give color cosmetics vibrant life by changing their color as the visual angle of the viewer or the wearer shifts. They add a dramatic sparkle and visual dimensionality, making them ideal for eye-catching transparent formulations.

Soft-Tex® Pigments

These pigments display greater color strength when compared to conventional colorants. They facilitate easier pigment dispersion by controlling the particle size distribution and surface charge associated with pigments. 

SPECTRAFLEX® Soft Focus Effects

These pigments are fine and uniquely designed platelets of highly pure alumina coated with titanium dioxide. The combination of natural soft focus effect with a strong interference provides a low luster iridescence.

SunCROMA® Pigments

A variety of bold colors that have excellent stability to light, heat, acid/alkali, and solvents. SunCROMA® Organics are a spectrum of FDA certified pigments, lakes, and toners delivering bright and vibrant colors. They have a low heavy metal profile.

SunSHINE┬« Effects 

Synthetic mica-based with low residual heavy metal levels. Various pigments in this series provide luster, chroma, or a satin effect.

SynMICA® Synthetic Mica Fillers

These fillers have a very low heavy metal content and can be used for cosmetic and personal care applications. They enhance payoff in color cosmetics and provide  pronounced pearlescent effects.

Timica® Series Effect Pigments

Timica luster pigments impart shimmering effects, both as white pigments in a variety of lusters and as color pigments in a range of ÔÇťmetallicÔÇŁ and earth tones. They are free-flowing powders.

SunPURO® Naturals

These products strike an ideal balance between responsibility and naturality, offering conscious functionality and purposeful products designed for today’s beauty needs. They are plant derived and COSMOS certifiable.