A new time is on the horizon with brighter, more colorful days ahead. As nights get longer, sunset marks the beginning of the night. Nights bring new beginnings filled with anticipation and energy. Shine through the darkness with bold colors and connect with rich colors of eternal sunsets and shimmering effects that move us to create bold, personal statement looks for new beginnings on the horizon.

Express your creativity with Chione™ Electric Sunset, an intense, blue-rouge metallic-like effect pigment. Based on patent pending multilayer technology, Chione™ Electric Sunset is a vegan, carmine-free, chromatic effect pigment made without any synthetic organic colorants. Create a palette of clean colors ranging from light peach, deep violet to rich burgundy with Chione™ Electric Sunset and capture all the dynamic colors of an endless sunset.

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      Synthetic Fluorphlogopite(and) Titanium Dioxide (and) Iron Oxides (and) Silica