Collalift®18 is abio-active type of collagen extracted from the bark of theAfrican Mahogany Tree (Khaya senegalensis) native to Burkina Faso. Historically thebark was applied externally as adisinfectant and considered as a multipurpose remedy, especially for its tonic virtues.

Skin collagen XVIII,found naturally in the skin, decreases with agingboth at gene and protein levels.Collalift®18 stimulates collagen XVIII synthesis in keratinocytes and adipocyteswhich,wraps the inner skin layers,from the skin surface to skin depth, this overall addressing the concerns ofenlarged pores, wrinkles, and tone loss, byimproving the skin‚Äôs ‚Äúshape memory‚Äù (bounce back) and tonicity.

After only 4 weeks, this product improves the skin’s surface homogeneity

  • 38% reduction is seen in skin defaults (Pores and fine lines)

Within 8 weeks, Collalift®18 smoothens wrinkles and improves elasticity

  • 16%decrease in wrinkle volume
  • 13% decrease in wrinkle area
  • 10% increase in global elasticity
  • 11% increase in immediate elasticity

After 2 months, Collalift®18 decreases wrinkle surface by 83%


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