Fragile Vitis Flower: Because skin can be irritated at any time by several environmental factors or be intolerant a short time, it is necessary to limit the uncomfortable sensations that it creates while maintaining its part as a barrier. In order to never feel that we have a skin.

Marketing claims


Soothing, calming, anti-irritating, helps to reduce redness, sensations of discomfort, anti-ageing – because sensitivity increases with ageing, limits the creation of free radicals induced by UV, anti-oxidating

Fragile Vitis Flower provides a regulation of the mediators of inflammation, that are molecules synthesized by keratinocytes in response to external aggressions – but that give a sensation of irritation – by decreasing their release in the skin. Fragile Vitis Flower limits also the production of free radicals induced by UV and the physiological lipid peroxidation, that drive not only the suppression of immune defenses inside cells but also the release of mediators.

Thanks to those two actions, skin is free from sensations of irritations and better protected. It can keep on fighting against daily aggressions and oxidations.

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      Vitis vinifera (Grape) flower cell extract