Hair Revive [MM + Zn] is an active plant shell that is made of a cell of musk mallow (malva moschata, malvaceae) with zinc inside.

This ingredient is dedicated to fight against hair ageing by combining the active molecules of musk mallow cells, a perennial with pale pink flowers also known for its medicinal properties, with zinc, one of the nutrients essential to the human body’s needs for cell growth but which it cannot produce by itself.

Hair Revive [MM + Zn] acts on the key factors in hair ageing: renewal, vigour, density, and color. It helps maintain cell proliferation and development in hair matrix keratinocytes, while decreasing melanin production. It protects hair follicle cell functions from both natural and induced oxidation.

Clinical Study

A clinical study done on 20 women from 25 – 45 years of age with damaged and dry natural hair showed an improvement on hair. It looked shinier and smoother (application once a day to hair and scalp with an emulsion containing 0.5% of Hair Revive [MM + Zn]).

  • Rejuvenating effect on the hair bulb
    • Regeneration, revitalizing action: due to a 18% increase in VEGF synthesis & 27% decrease in 5α-reductase activity
    • Repigmentation effect
    • Due to a 20% increase in cAMP synthesis
    • Antioxidant effect
    • Due to a decrease in free radicals demonstrated by a reduction of 20% in endogenous lipid peroxidation and of 25% in UVB-induced lipid peroxidation (decrease in malondialdehyde)
  • Declaration of the panel
    • 80% of women said their hair was thicker
    • 85% of women said their hair was less damaged
    • 75% of women said the product had a restorative effect

Restorative effect on hair after 28 days

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