HomCap™: Homosalate. Acts as a sunscreen agent (organic UV filters). Its microcapsules homosalate 60% payload are non-breakable, non-release transparent micron size enables optimal isolation of homosalate and prevents homosalate leakage into the surrounding. It enhances photostability, increases SPF values, reduces systemic absorption and allows unlimited UV filters combinations. It prevents crystallization. It is compatible with all types of formulations and should be added at the last step of the formulation preparation, using either low or high shear mixing. Used in sunscreen products.


Applications for HomCap™ include:

  • Sunscreen Agents > UV Filters / Sunscreens
  • SPF enhancement

Tagra’s unique patented microencapsulation technology enables the manufacturing of unbreakable, transparent micron size microcapsules of organic and inorganic UV filters.  This delivery system will:

  • Prevent the UV filter leakage into the surrounding
  • Retain the sunscreen on the superficial layers of the skin
  • Improve safety profile – no risk of skin penetration and no skin irritation and/or
  • Enhance UV filters chemical and photostability
  • Overcome incompatibilities between or among UV filters allowing new sunscreen
  • Prevent crystallization
  • Enable UV filters dispersibility in the water phase
  • Prevent the appearance of white residues caused by TiO2 and ZnO
  • Avoid the need for UV filters solubilizers, therefore enabling light, aesthetic, gentle, smooth
    and non-greasy feel formulations


INCI: Homosalate & Cellulose acetate

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